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Our Facility & Equipment 

RUREX BETEC operates under a SafeWork NSW licence to manufacture and has facilities such as: 4 firing areas, storage, heavy machinery plus fully equipped preparation and testing rooms:

Range and Structures:

Multiple authorised explosives storage magazines (with room for further expansion)

4 range blasting areas (pits) allowing for small to large scale operations.

Protected firing location (Main bunker) a firing board with multiple fixed firing lines communicating with firing and equipment shelters distributed across the range (pits).


Testing Systems and Equipment:

BAM Fallhammer - New 2021

BAM Friction Tester - New 2021

Koenen Test system

Modified Vented Pipe Test system with remote management of controls and data.

Time Pressure Test system

Velocity of detonation (VOD) testing systems

Preparation room with equipment such as: overhead mixer, impellers, hot water bath, pH meter, balances, viscometer


Multiple blast monitors for air and vibration

Multiple firing gantries, suspending and firing test samples up to 50Kg

Cameras and tripods


Vehicles and machinery:

6 tonne loader with fork, 4n1 bucket(SWL 2000kg)

5.5 tonne excavator with tilt bucket, ripper and auger

6 tonne truck with 3 tonne crane

Shotfirer’s vehicle (range explosives ute)

Ancillary equipment i.e. generators, cement mixers, ventilation fans


Labour / Assistance:

Dedicated / specialised shotfiring services

  • General building / erection

  • Equipment / service available such as and not limited to:

    • Laser level

    • Hand tools

    • Welding

    • Supply management for ordering -  steel, timber, fixings etc

  • Low voltage electrical

  • Communications i.e. by wire, RF, UHF, WIFI

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