About Us
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Managed by Ryan Esam, RUREX is a solutions-based company that focuses primarily on their operation at the JB Range located near Byrock NSW. 

This facility can be utilised to find your Out Of The Box solution for projects based around Testing, Research and Disposal (TRD) of explosives, precursors and dangerous goods.


  • Independent testing facility, conducting approved testing for Transport of Dangerous Goods as per the UN manual of tests and criteria.  

    • Gap Testing, Modified ​Vented Pipe, Koenan and Thermal Stability


  • We become a partner in research projects with our customers, our ability to tailor the site and support requirements to suit customer needs is a stand out feature of RUREX. 


  • A specialised disposal operator, working closely with regulators and customers to find solutions for disposal of many different dangerous goods.  


  • Out of the box projects arise in all aspects of RUREX operations and we find a way to support and assist in all aspects / areas of these projects. These project are a speciality of RUREX and Ryan who has managed and created many OOTB concepts throughout his career. 


  • We have a JV niche sized cast melt plant onsite for the manufacture of specialised products such as pentolite boosters.

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RUREX operates with a strong environmental and sustainable focus. If a product can be recycled or if re-life solutions are available they are the preferred solution. 

RUREX operates under a EPA protection of the environment operations (POEO) licence.


A part of a small population within a large area RUREX works closely with community, council and local business to support rural outback of Australia.